Monday, November 8, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Ok, I know it is just barely November, but Christmas is almost here! Almost time to put my Christmas music box on my blog, almost time to start wrapping surprises, almost time to get the tree and decorations down from the attic, ect. I'm already burning my Mistletoe candle!!! And another thing- almost time to start working on Christmas cards!
I'm loving these adorable Christmas cards at Shutterfly !

How cute is this? Or this? Or this? I can't decide. All I have decided is that I'll just choose a great picture and upload it to Shutterfly in a flash. Then it is super easy to edit the picture- crop it a little, maybe make it black and white. Then pick a design that I love, maybe even choose more than one picture for my card! And then lickedy-split, Christmas cards are DONE! And they'll arrive at my house soon afterwards thanks to their quick shipping. One less thing on my list!

I'm not sure if the hardest part will be deciding on a card, or getting this little person to actually smile for a normal picture:


Head on over to Shutterfly to check out the cards!

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Andy's Bethy said...

I saw your link on Michelle's page and dropped by. I use to come, several years ago, but I think the last time I read was right after Conner was born. Where does the time go? He is adorable! And red-headed! Oh, I love those redheads! (I have one too)
Just wanted to say hi, and that your blog is adorable, and your son is even more adorable!