Sunday, December 20, 2009

Connor's first birthday!

I hate that blogger always uploads pics backwards. So, they're in reverse order, but anyway....

Connor's actual birthday was on a Wednesday- which is my usual day off. Patrick took the day off too, so we were able to spend all day with Connor.

We started the morning with a visit to the dentist- just a quick check and we were out the door.

Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us, and Connor picked out a new toy- he really liked this drum- it lights up and plays songs when you hit it. It also works as a regular drum :) if you turn it off.

Then, we went to Barnes and Noble and let him play on the Thomas train table and he was able to run all over the children's section b/c nobody else was there.

After that we had lunch together as a family and then headed home! It was a really fun morning as a family, even with all the rain!

Connor opens his new drum!

" this makes noise!"

Cake time!

I made him a cake for smashing on his actual said "CPM" in chocolate chips!

Hmmm...what is this ??

Give me 15 more years.....I've got the keys!!!

Playing with the train table....

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