Wednesday, July 8, 2009

quick connor update...

Connor is growing more and more every day! He has been working on crawling for the past few weeks, and getting better and better about lifting up on his hands and knees. Now he is able to lift up and crawl backwards. He's still perfecting the art of forward motion, but it is coming very, very soon!
If it was even possible, he's more and more interactive now. He loves to laugh, giggle, grab things, babble and jump around. He no longer likes to sit in the bouncy seat (his best friend from the first few months) and wiggles right out as soon as he gets in it. Connor's favorite thing to do during playtime is to sit in front of his toybox in his bedroom and pull toys out one by one.
These days, Connor rides in the front of the shopping cart and sits in a high chair at restaurants- he is a big fan of seeing everything that's going on!!!!

Connor is now growing out of his size 9 month pajamas, but fits well into the 9 month clothing. He's just so tall! His feet are starting to hit the end of his carseat so we'll be moving up to a convertible seat soon.
This week, he's started "visiting' the Infant II class at daycare in preparation for moving there full time at the end of the month! We'll miss Mrs. Mary and Ms. Nikita, but look forward to his new adventures. Now that he is one of the older babies in his class, it is amazing to see the difference between him and some of the "tiny babies" who can only lay under the playgym. They're so small compared to our big boy.

Connor is eating all stage 2 baby foods- he's started eating chicken and turkey dinners lately. He also is enjoying finger foods- he loves to eat mum-mums, puffs and "little crunchers". We're enjoying this stage because now he can be easily occupied in his high chair!


Nance228 said...

Aww! He's becoming such a big boy. Absolutely adorable too.

LeAnna said...
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LeAnna said...

You just so happened to be the comment above me on Baby Cheapskate, so I thought I'd check out your blog. Your little guy is too cute. My son is 6 months old and has some of that red hair, too. :) They are so fun and personable at this stage!