Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of the Year Party -Furman

This party was the start of our graduation events- it is an annual party held to welcome the new interns and congratulate the residents that are finishing! It is also a "roast" for all those to remind us of the strange, crazy or funny things we've done over the past 3 years! Obviously, my main components of the skit involved delivering my own baby, making full use of my free cafeteria foods to provide meals for home, and avoiding the PICU!!!

Me, Emily, Amanda, Jess

Laura and I with Anna Claire and Connor

(Not only did Laura just complete her Ob/Gyn residency, but her hubby just finished his Peds residency with me- craziness!)

Our class on the big screen.

Peds Residents- Class of 2009!!!

Connor attacks Jess's Grandma

Two tired girls....

India, Emily and Jess after dinner.

Our family- Not sure why Patrick is hiding and Connor is attempting to make an escape!

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Jenny said...

Congrats Mary!!! How exciting to be done :)