Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick update......and a few new pics

This picture pretty much describes me lately...exhausted!!!

I'm in my second week back to work, and two/three weekends of working in a row down. I've been doing a genetics rotation, which isn't stressful, but being there early some days really wears me down. I hope Connor remembers how to sleep through the night again, he used to be able to do it, but apparently doesn't want to right now!

Connor started daycare this week and he seems to be enjoying it! He is learning to be used to other babies his age and is definately staying busy! He really seems tired when he comes home from a day of playing and needs an evening nap for sure!

I can't believe he is now 2 months old! I need to post his 2 month pics with his bear, but you'll have to settle for these :) for now. He's very playful and interactive now. He's also discovered his hands lately as you can see by the picture below. His two month checkup is coming up soon so we'll see how much he's grown.

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Miranda said...

Awe, Mary I hope you can get some rest soon. And I have to say, I think it was my most favorite when Lily discovered her hands. She would just STARE at them forever. SO CUTE!