Friday, January 9, 2009

One month checkup!!!

Connor had his one month checkup today- he did very well at the doctor's office!

He weighed 9lbs, 13oz (38th percentile) and was 22.5 inches long (70th percentile). So now we know why he's way too long for all his clothes! He's gained 2#5oz since birth and grown 2.25 inches! He had to get a shot, so he wasn't very happy about that but he did fine!

After his appointment, we went househunting for a few hours and Connor got a nice long nap.


Jenny said...

Good growing, Connor!!!!!!!! House hunting??? YAY! I bet that's exciting!

t1grampaforc said...

Sorry about the shot Connor. Unfortunately one day you will also discover that your loving Mom is one of those Doctors who gives the orders for kids to get shots. Also speaking of "kids", I wish you could see the baby goat born at our house the day before you were born. he has grow so much and is active beyond anything I could imagine. Hope we can get a movie of him in action.