Tuesday, May 27, 2008

St. Simons Island Pictures....finally.

Patrick and I enjoyed a little vacation the second week of April to St. Simons Island.
Basically just a little beach town on coastal Ga.....
The sky looked like this for the first two days....seriously. You can see you busy the beach is....just one poor guy walking alone. It was freezing!!!!!
View from the pier in the main village- You can watch people "crabbing" and fishing!

Part of our room at the King and Prince....

If you ever stay there, they have great breakfast!!!!

Fort Frederica- one of the original establishments on St.Simons Island.

Patrick in front of the actual fort building....

Hanging out on the walkway above the beach on our last day-

You can see that the weather definately improved!!!!!

A picture to prove the weather actually cleared up......from our balcony.

Interesting whale sculpture near the village......

St. Simons Lighthouse

We made it to the top of the lighthouse!

Fun, but very windy and a little scary to try to take a picture together!!!!


Stephanie said...

Of course I remember you! Looks like a fantastic vacation! St. Simons is a great place...I'm jealous!

Jen said...

that looks so fun! i want to go back to the beach for more vacation.