Friday, February 22, 2008

Downtown Greenville

These are slightly delayed pictures, but better late than never!!!! Patrick's mom visited a few weekends ago and we had a fun but short visit.
Friday night we enjoyed dinner together at City Range and then Saturday we had a downtown adventure....
Falls Park on the Reedy

The Westin Poinsett- we need to stay here one time!

Squinty pic of us at the park- note our usual contrasting attire!

Great view of the water before the falls

Some newer buildings across the street and an interesting sculpture

Neato tree at the Governor's School

View of the park from the other side

a little bit downstream

Some new condos and art galleries

Patrick and his mom

This is a wading pool in the summer

neat old building you can rent.....

i've scoped out other people's weddings before from across the river

As you can seen from these pictures, If you haven't been to Greenville's downtown, you really need to visit!

So, we had a great afternoon downtown, had a very long hike from downtown to Cleveland Park and then had a fun lunch at Barley's Taproom, which I highly recommend. Then of course I went home and rested for my next day of working in the nursery with many, many screaming newborns.

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Southern Wife said...


Do you live in Greenville??? If so, I did not know that! My husband Brian and I lived in Charlotte for 2 years and now we live in Shelby, NC. We go to Greenville to shop at Whole Foods all the time. How cool and what a small world!