Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Morning Craziness!

More Christmas Pictures....Finally!
So after attending a Midnight Christmas Mass with the family (who am I kidding...I am too old to stay up that late these days unless it involves critical patient care!) we got up bright and early to celebrate Christmas morning in Atlanta.
Victor really can't wait for everyone else.....he starts on his gifts early!

Everyone is now lined up on the couch...ready to open gifts....Annie has her trusty blanket-friend.

VERY excited about Christmas Day!

I call this the "I need coffee" before gifts picture

A lot of boxes!!!!!

This is what Victor did to our gift within the first 20 minutes of playing with it..if you can't tell, he had already chewed off the leg of the squirrel chew toy.


The entire Martin Family at Christmas Dinner

except this little one.........

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Anonymous said...

Even without coffee before gifts, you look pretty! No fair!