Tuesday, December 18, 2007

it isn't starbucks...

but it also isn't 4 dollars!
Mary's Yummy Peppermint Mocha
freshly brewed peppermint flavored coffee
hershey's reduced sugar chocolate syrup
fat free half and half or milk
1 packet of splenda


Helgrenfam said...

mary! you are good! can you figure out how to make a cinnamon dolce latte that i can make here in africa?! that is my FAVE and of course NO starbucks here!!! not even real coffee to brew in the grocery stores most of the time! ha! merry christmas friend!
joy helgren
p.s. do you by any chance know anna bennett she works in cardio at greenville hospital??

Anonymous said...

Wow - that sounds too good. I'm obsessed with good creamers. What's your fav?

mary said...

sadly, I have no subs for anything cinnamon...however I do have this delish coffee that is Vanilla and Cinnamon which would probably work...
We don't have an espresso machine or anything, if we did I am sure I could create some interesting things!

I usually just use plain Land O Lakes fat free half and half, but at christmas I like the peppermint mocha creamer. However, this year I just have been making the peppermint coffee...

Oh I don't think I know Anna, how do you know her?