Thursday, March 15, 2007

Match day!

I can't believe that a year ago today i was opening my letter to inform me of where i would be spending the next three years of my life. Time flies when you're busy!!!!! About to open the envelope........

Match day roses from Patrick

Obviously we were both very happy!!!!

Thinking about today, it really makes me realize how God has me in his hands even when I forget that.... All the uncertainty and worry, and He placed me right where I fit into HIS plan. I'm so happy, even when I'm tired and stressed and overworked. I had my spring advisor conference today and it really made me realize how thankful I am that God knows where I'm going, even when i'm uncertain of the future and unsure of myself.

In other words, I'm now in the process of filling out my TEN PAGE application for my permanent license to practice medicine in South Carolina. I'm not going to even say how much that it will cost...other than it is a nice dinner away from 1000 buckaroos...thank goodness for free food at the hospital!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

All your hometown folks are so proud of you!