Thursday, February 1, 2007

SNOW DAY (for real this time..)

We didn't actually believe that we would have winter weather, but when I woke up this morning...we had a nice dusting of snow!!!!!! Not our Hummer...obviously.......
Patrick in his "turtleskin" (the hat)...
This is Scarlett, the dog we take care of when her mom is on call......We think today was the first time in her 13 years that she's actually seen snow!!!!!

She looks like we caught her doing something bad!!!!!
Scarlett and I enjoying the snowday

Notice that I had already washed, dried and straightened my hair before I found out that our clinic was closed and that I didn't have to work today.....however I don't care b/c I'm off!!!!!!! Of course all the government offices were closed today, so we got to have our first vacation day together since Patrick has started working at his new job!
A snow day calls for French toast!

1 comment:

Chad said...

I am sad that we only got cold rain, it didn't even sleet that I can see. Well, at least ya'll got a snow day.